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Opening this fall!

Innovation Lab


Lucille Roybal-Allard Elementary is creating an innovation lab!!  An innovation lab, aka iLab, is a place where students focus on STEAM and explore, create and design!  Here is what we're thinking...


SMART board

Mrs. Robles was given a SMART board SB 685.  Yes, she was given.  I know, huh?  We hope to mount it and learn to use it to create the best learning environment for our students!


Green Screen

So here we plan on having an area that has a green screen permanently up. Then students can use iPads and apps such as Tellagami, VeeScope or Green Screen by Do Ink to put together videos to transport them around the world. 



We are eternally grateful to Eaton for awarding us a grant to purchase robots for our students.  With these robots, students are able to code.  We have Dash, Dot, Spheros, Ozobots, Code-a-pillars and Ozmos.


Maker Space

A maker space is an area with materials and tools for design and creative thinking.


Claymation/Stop Motion Animation area

This area will have an ipad and a television for students to create video.  They will either create with clay or using stop animation.


We are very excited for this opportunity for our students.  We already have a lot of technology for our students but this will take the learning a step further!  


Luckily, the technology team wrote a grant for Practitioner 2.0 and was awarded an ITF. That means a district instructional tech person will be at our school this next year to support our teachers and students in further developing their tech skills.  That's a big deal!  

Welcome to Mabel Sandoval-Lung.  So happy to have you at LRA!!  We will do great things together!

Common Sense School

We are now a Common Sense school. Click the picture to check it out!