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Faculty: Global Studies


Mr. C. Equihua-Gonzalez Teacher

My educational philosophy revolves

I am lucky enough to work in the community where I grew up. Being a product of Huntington Park has shaped my educational philosophy. I believe all children can learn at their own pace and in their own way with the foundation being having a strong relationship with their teacher. Children thrive when they have an adult deeply invested in their education. I strive to be a mentor to my students and take pride that my little itty-bitties come back years later to tell me all about their accomplishments. They know that I am always available to help, give advice, or just be their cheerleader. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing place. LRA was built on the shoulders of educators who believe that dedication, hard work and huge spoonfuls of love and commitment make all the difference in the academic success of a child. I am fortunate that my colleagues and I have a growth mindset that together we can and will accomplish great things.  Twitter: @CecyGonzalezETK

MY educational background: 

  • I got my BA from CSULB

  • Masters from CSUN

  • Teaching credential

  • Administrative credential

  • Nationally Board Certified in Literacy 

  • LAUSD Teacher of the Year 2020.


  • Interdependence 

  •  Growth Mindset 

  •  Student-Centered Instruction

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Ms. Carrera Teacher

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela 

My educational philosophy is based on the belief that education is a vital tool that can teach children the essential skills necessary to live as confident and productive citizens in our society.  Within my classroom, students are engaged in meaningful thinking and hands-on learning that allows them to see their mistakes as a learning opportunity.  I believe that in order for students to learn they need to be in a safe and supportive classroom environment.   All students can learn when they are accepted for who and where they are in their educational journey.  As a teacher, I foster collaboration between teacher, students, and parents grounded in mutual respect and trust.  Building a strong relationship with parents and students is a must for effective learning to take place.  I believe that not all students learn in the same way, so it’s important for me to teach the way students learn by using different modalities as well as integrating technology and the arts.  It is my mission to instill a love of life-long learning in my students!! Join us at LRA for the greatest educational experience! 


  • BA and my Masters from CSULA

  • Reading Certificate and a Reading Specialist credential from CSULA. 


  • Student-centered learning 
  •  Building positive relationship with students and parents 
  •  Engaging students in learning that is fun and meaningful 

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Mrs. Bailon Teacher

My educational philosophy is guided by my believe in establishing routines so that young learners may take ownership of their classroom, their day, and in time, their learning.  Once students know what to expect and know how the day will run, they become more independent and more confident.  Just as important however, is forming relationships with students and their families.  In order to be able to work as a team, we must be able to trust in each other.

BA is Sociology and Spanish

22 years of teaching experience in grades Kindergarten to 3rd

Common Sense Educator

LAUSD Future Ready Leader

Training in CGI from the UCLA Mathematics Project

Training in Writers Workshop from the Teachers College -Columbia University (Reading and Writing Project)


· Traveling

· Teaching

· Learning

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Mrs. M. Navarro Teacher

My educational philosophy centers around student relationships and the profoundly believe that all learning stems from relationships. The connection to my students and families must be evident within and beyond the school walls. I am proud to be part of an amazing team of educators at Roybal-Allard ES where we value 

Quote: “No significant learning occurs without significant relationships.” James Comer 


I obtained by BA, teaching credential and Masters from Cal State L.A. 


  • Reading! I like to discover new books and meet new characters. 

  • Social Justice 

  • Growth Mindset

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Mrs. Laris Teacher

Hello, I’m so excited to be your child’s first grade teacher.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I graduated from California State Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree.  Continued my education and earned a masters’ degree.  I have been teaching for sixteen years.  I am very happy that I get to do what I love, teach.  My husband and I have two wonderful kids, their names are Ronny and Kevin.  Welcome to First grade! 

My Educational Philosophy 

My educational philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that education is a process that involves parents and teachers working together on a common goal.  I believe that every child can learn and has the potential to succeed when parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, and service providers work together.  As the African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  What this means to me is that working together we can provide a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning for all.  


  • Arts in education 

  • Social justice 

  • Making learning fun

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Ms. Garcia Teacher

My educational philosophy is that all children deserve the best quality education possible. Social-economic status, zip code, public or private schooling should not determine if a child receives a strong educational foundation. As a child of immigrant parents, I know how difficult it can be to navigate through this educational system. That is why, I believe that it is my responsibility to help students and parents understand and learn academic and social-emotional strategies that can help them succeed and become productive citizens. In my classroom all students are held to a high standard, as I am too, there is never a minute to waste. My goal is always to look for fun, innovative and interesting ways to teach and secure success for all.


A.A. in General Ed, East Los Angeles College

B.A. in Political Science, UCSB

M.A. in School Administration, CSUDH


National Migrant Education Administrator of the Year, 2017


  • Always looking for ways I can become a better teacher.
  • Treating all of my students and parents equally and with respect.
  • Being caring and compassionate.

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Ms. Castillo-Gonzalez Teacher

Hola soy Maestra Castillo-Gonzalez. Me recibí de Mount St. Mary’s University y he sido maestra en 2do-4to  grado desde 1996.  Tengo la certificacion Nacional para maestros (NBCT) desde 2006. 

Estas son alguans cosas que son importante para mi como maestra: 

  • Yo creo que todo estudiante puede aprender con motivación y esfuerzo. 

  • El aprender y mantener un segundo idioma es importante para fortalecer la identidad y cultura.  

  • En mi clase los estudiantes leen, colaboran, investigan y demuestran su aprendizaje de muchas maneras, especialmente a través de la tecnología. 

  • La familia es una parte muy importante para el éxito de cada alumno y el éxito de nuestra escuela. 

Hi! I’m Mrs. Castillo-Gonzalez. I graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University and have been a teacher in grades 2nd -5th  since 1996.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) since 2006

These are some things that are important to me as a teacher: 

  • Learning a second language and maintaining the home language is important to know one's identity and culture. 

  • All students can learn with motivation and effort. 

  • In my class students read, collaborate, investigate and participate. They show their learning in different ways especially through technology.  

  • I believe family partnerships with school are important for the growth of each student and the success of our school

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Mr. Hernandez Teacher

My educational philosophy revolves around personalized learning. Personalized learning is a student-driven instruction strategy in which students deeply engage in meaningful, authentic, and rigorous challenges. It is moving beyond passive student roles to meet real world needs including the demands for creative, adaptive, collaborative problem solvers. It takes into account students’ backgrounds, interests, learning styles, and many other variables, to teach not subjects and content, but to teach students. While the instructor plays a role in the acquisition of knowledge, the students need to realize that they, themselves, are in control of their educational development.  


  • I earned a BA from California State University, Los Angeles in 2005.


  • Interdependence 

  •  Growth Mindset 

  •  Student-Centered Instruction

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