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Faculty: Dual Language Program


Ms. M. Alcaraz | Intervention Teacher

A typical day in my classroom begins with a very important math review. Students review the previous day’s content, but this isn’t what makes it important. I use this time to go over common math mistakes and misconceptions with the class. Together, we check the work and call out the right answer, but most importantly, I ask students to volunteer their wrong answer. My students learn to take risks knowing that there is valuable learning in making mistakes. As a class, we talk about the error in the math solution and idealize possible ways to make corrections. This strategy has greatly helped my students feel comfortable making mistakes and asking for assistance when they need it, even if it has nothing to do with math. 

I earned by B.A in English and Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College, my Teaching Credential from Cal State Dominguez Hills and my M.A in Urban Curriculum and Instruction from Cal State L.A. I was a Teacher of the Year, 2019-2020, earned National Board of Certification, Literacy: Reading-Language Arts, and have the Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD).


· social justice

· continuing my own learning

· pushing my students to be productive citizens of the world

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Ms. Irigoyen Teacher

My educational philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that knowing more than one language leads to greater opportunities for students academically and in life.  I want my students to accept themselves for who they are and be proud of their language, culture, and heritage. I feel that being bilingual exposes students to see the beauty of our differences and increases the awareness and acceptance of other cultures as well. !El que sabe dos idiomas vale por dos! 


  • BA in Social Ecology from UC Irvine 

  • Education Abroad Program at Universidad Complutense de Madrid 

  • Teaching Credential from CSULB 

  • BCLAD: Spanish


  • Bilingual Education 

  • Celebrating cultural diversity 

  • Being a part of a student’s educational journey

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Ms. Rivas Teacher

They say that the teaching profession is made for people who want to change the world. That’s exactly what I want to do; change one seed at a time. I want my student to blossom into productive life-long learners who are critical thinkers with values, morals, interests, and have empathy for others’ welfare. Mom always taught me that love, patience, and respect are the keys to life. The translations of her exact words are, “If you are kindhearted, the rewards will be greater.” “If you are going to do something, do it right!” “Respect yourself, be patience, and love what you do and everything else will fall into place.” These words resonate in my ear every day. I try to live and teach by them. I’m an outstanding teacher because I instill love, respect, and patience. I reject the idea that my students will become part of the statistics of non-graduates due to the circumstances they are faced with. I lived in this community for over 30 years, was a teacher assistant, a coach, and a teacher for over 8 years at the elementary school I attended as I child. I am a living testimony of an individual who has risen above all barriers. I believe in my students and I help them believe in themselves. I have no doubt that I positively influence my students and parents to be part of the future that changes the world.

Education and certifications: BA and BCLAD from Cal State Long Beach University, GO BEACH!, National Board Certified in Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood, Teacher of the Year for LAUSD in 2013 and Common Sense Educator.

  • Bilingual Education/Growing professionally

  • Social Justice

  • Building relationships with students and parents

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Ms. Cavitt Teacher

My educational philosophy is based on the belief that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow mentally, emotionally, and socially.  It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can learn and meet their full potential.  It’s important to provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas, take risks, and embrace the differences of others.  Working together, parents and teachers, can help students achieve their highest potential.

I got my BA in Liberal Studies, a Minor in Spanish, and Masters in Education from Dominguez Hills University.


  • Learning new things

  • Reading

  • Art

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Ms. Castillo-Gonzalez Teacher

Hola soy Maestra Castillo-Gonzalez. Me recibí de Mount St. Mary’s University y he sido maestra en 2do-4to  grado desde 1996.  Tengo la certificacion Nacional para maestros (NBCT) desde 2006. 

Estas son alguanas cosas que son importante para mi como maestra: 

  • Yo creo que todo estudiante puede aprender con motivación y esfuerzo. 

  • El aprender y mantener un segundo idioma es importante para fortalecer la identidad y cultura.  

  • En mi clase los estudiantes leen, colaboran, investigan y demuestran su aprendizaje de muchas maneras, especialmente a través de la tecnología. 

  • La familia es una parte muy importante para el éxito de cada alumno y el éxito de nuestra escuela. 

Hi! I’m Mrs. Castillo-Gonzalez. I graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University and have been a teacher in grades 2nd -5th  since 1996.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) since 2006

These are some things that are important to me as a teacher: 

  • Learning a second language and maintaining the home language is important to know one's identity and culture. 

  • All students can learn with motivation and effort. 

  • In my class students read, collaborate, investigate and participate. They show their learning in different ways especially through technology.  

  • I believe family partnerships with school are important for the growth of each student and the success of our school

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Ms. R. Navarro Teacher

My educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that all our students in our community can learn and prosper.  Growing up in the southeast area of Los Angeles has given me an insight into the needs of Huntington Park community.  I believe children and their families entrust me as a teacher to assist in teaching, nurturing, and developing a love of learning.  In my classroom, I work to earn my students’ trust so they can feel safe in their second home.  Children cannot learn if they don’t feel safe coming to school.   I also expect my students to be responsible for their own learning as I guide them and to be prideful of their roots, their heritage, their language, and their culture.

Mi filosofía educativa esta centrada en la creencia que todos los estudiantes de nuestra comunidad pueden aprender y prosperar.  Creciendo en esta área del sureste de Los Ángeles me da visión de las necesidades de Huntington Park.  Los padres de familia y los estudiantes confían en mi como maestra para asistir a mis alumnos para ensenarles, nutrir y desarrollar un amor al aprendizaje.  En mi salón de clase, yo trabajo para ganar la confianza de mis estudiantes  para que se sientan seguros en sus segunda casa.  Niños/as no pueden aprender sin primero sentirse seguros.  Yo espero que mis estudiantes sean responsables por su aprendizaje mientras los guio.  Además, quiero que tengan orgullo de sus raíces, su herencia, su idioma y cultura.


CSULB, Bachelor’s Degree 

CSULB, Bilingual Teaching Credential


  • bilingual education

  • Love of reading

  • Giving students choice and a voice.

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Ms. Martinez Teacher

Learning has to be active and authentic. I love watching my students be active learners in my classroom, building knowledge as they explore the world around them, providing them with opportunities to converse and engage with others, and most importantly allowing them to make connections between new ideas and prior understandings. I love to see my students working on hands-on projects where they have to make sense of the world around them, take authentic experiences and use them to make sense of content. All my students come to my classroom with experiences and intuitive strategies already. It is up to me, as their teacher, to build upon these experiences and to let them explore real-world problems and challenges that are relevant to them to make their learning successful.

Education and Awards

LAUSD Teacher of the Year 2019

Bilingual Cross-Cultural and Academic Development (BCLAD)        

National Board of Certification, Literacy: Reading-Language Arts       

Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Education                        

Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (CLAD)       

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Spanish Minor 


  • Bilingual Education

  • Social Justice

  • Professional Growth

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Dr. Perez TSP Coordinator

I am an advocate for the promise that educational attainment will lift us all.  I am deeply committed to using my skills and talents in service of students. I am a strong advocate, and example, of the transformative power that education can have in one’s life.   As an immigrant student who came to this country not knowing English, education proved to be the pathway that changed my life.  As a life-long learner, I seek to promote the importance and value of education in all of my work.  This means that I am a strong believer in nurturing the development of students, and promoting educational equity and access for all. 

  • Doctor of EducationU.C.L.A. 

  • Master of Arts-Educational AdministrationC.S.U.N. 

  • Master of EducationU.C.L.A. 

  • Bachelor of Arts-Latin American StudiesU.C.L.A. 

  • Administrative Services Credential 

  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 

  • Bilingual Teaching Credential


  • Multicultural education

  • Multilingual education

  • Promoting respect and responsibility

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