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Welcome! Pull up a chair and read a good book!
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Meet the Teacher!

Hi! I am one of three 6h grade teachers at LRA. Like you, I grew up in Huntington Park. I attended Miles Avenue Elem, Gage MS, Huntington Park High School. I attended Occidental College and majored in English and Comparative Literary Studies. I got my teaching credential at Cal State Dominguez Hills and received my Masters from Cal State Los Angeles. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher and I was named one of LAUSD's Teacher of the Year 2019-2020. 

I am very excited to be your teacher this year!!

My all time favorite thing to do in class is read great stories aloud. Some books we will read together are Esperanza Rising (or Esperanza Renace), Chains, Refugee, and A Night Divided. I love to read books where young characters overcome great obstacles and teach us life lessons along the way.  You will also be reading lots of great books during your book clubs and during Reader's Workshop. I also look forward to all the wonderful writing you will be writing and sharing during Writer's Workshop. Of course, we will be creating presentations and utilizing technology in great ways, making it possible to collaborate with others. As sixth graders, you will be participating in social action with the help of some of the technology we have at school. You will learn to code robots and programs and use this technology to solve a real life problem.  Its going to be a great year!

Visit These Websites!

Hi everyone! Here is a list of some websites that might be helpful for you to use throughout the year.

  • Your assignments will be posted on Schoology. Use your LAUSD email and password to log on. 
  • If you would like to donate to our classroom or help fund a project, follow the link. Donors Choose is a great website that allows me to post projects and ask for materials and get publicly funded! 
  • If you need help with math concepts, visit Kahn Academy for great video tutoring. 
  • Newsela has great articles on all kinds of topics and subjects. 
  • FreeRice.com - This UN World Food Program site teaches civic responsibility while quizzing visitors on everything from English grammar and vocabulary to chemical symbols and pre-algebra. For every multiple choice trivia question that site visitors answer correctly, the UN donates ten grains of rice to help feed the hungry. 

I am so excited to start the school year! I know many of you are nervous but you will all do great! Do your best and ask lots of questions!!!